RIC students hold sex toy bingo event

Students at Rhode Island College recently held a unique event that is sure to make sparks fly in the campus dorm rooms. Deidre O'Donnell, a student intern with the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health, oversaw the Sex Toy Bingo activity, which left several students as the proud owners of brand new vibrating toys, according to the school's newspaper The Anchor.

Around 100 students at the college attended the March 1 event in the hopes of nabbing one of the toys. O'Donnell said she was ecstatic to see the turnout, and was surprised that they ran out of Bingo cards and markers.

"My main goals were to disseminate information about sex toys, talk about the many benefits of them such as knowing our own bodies, communicating desires to partners, empowerment, safer sex practices and increasing masturbation," O'Donnell told the news source.

Though this was the first Sex Toy Bingo event hosted by O'Donnell, the student hopes to host more in the future.

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