Pornography actor tests positive for HIV, adult film production halted

Throughout the nation, adult film companies have halted the production of many movies due to the recent positive HIV test results for an actor within the industry. The Free Speech Coalition, an adult industry trade group, which advocates for safe sex and STD prevention within the porn industry through the use of condoms, called for a moratorium on filming in light of the announcement, according to Reuters.

The moratorium came over the weekend, after an anonymous performer tested positive in an initial HIV screening. There will be further tests to determine officially whether or not the actor or actress is infected.

"The industry has had a successful system of health and safety self-regulation since 1998, despite any misinformation being spread by our opponents," read a statement from the Free Speech Coalition.

This is not the first time a pornography performer has tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. A year ago, actor Derrick Burts was found to be infected with HIV. At that time, the pornography industry also went through a temporary shut-down.

In California, where the vast majority of adult movies are filmed, state laws mandate that porn stars use condoms while working. However, most adult film companies ignore this ruling. Many argue that enforcement of such laws would further endanger actors by forcing companies to produce porn illegally, underground.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration urges sexually active people to use condoms when having intercourse. Knowing how to use a condom and actively wearing them when having sex can decrease one's risk of contracting diseases such as HIV, genital warts and chlamydia. Condoms are most effective when worn every time one engages in sex.

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