Over-50s warned of increased HIV risk

Baby boomers are expected to change the standards of retirement in almost every way. Some will stay on the job for longer, some will travel or spend time with grandkids and all the while, many will be sexually active. In a time where healthy aging has taken a new spotlight in society, this shouldn't come as a surprise. However, there are some rising concerns about sexual health prompted by a new wave of mature adults who are still playing field. 

This may be a problem due in part to an increasing number of boomer divorces. In 2007, a quarter of all Americans who went through a divorce had been married for 20 or more years, according to the U.S. Census.

These aren't necessarily crisis divorces. Most of them are simply born out of a change in lifestyle. "They tend to be less acrimonious," attorney Ron Ousky, told The Star Tribune."[There's] a little more of a sense of, 'Let's try to keep what we have. We want to be able to go to graduations and weddings and bar mitzvahs or whatever for our grandkids.'"

Whatever the case, more boomers have started to explore their sexuality, but not without consequences. Since the generation is often not using condoms for protection, there has been a rise in common STDs, and now, HIV cases.

The United Kingdom recently issued a warning about the topic and officials are considering the launch of a campaign aimed at older adults who are still sexually active. The Mirror reports that the rate of HIV infection in Britain is the second-highest in Europe. At least 27,000 women have the disease.

"The number of cases in the older age group are going up significantly," professor Jane Anderson told the publication.  

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