New video from LifeStyles sheds light on condom manufacturing process

A short video from condom manufacturer LifeStyles® discusses the methods of creating and testing condoms.

The video begins with a shot of a person extracting latex from trees. The latex is then run through quality control examinations to ensure that it is top notch. In fact, the contraceptives are tested throughout the entire process.

This includes an air inflation test, which stretches the condoms to three feet in height and one foot in length. The condoms are also filled with water to ensure that they do not leak. Some pass through endurance and stretch testing as well.

Another unique test involves electricity. This process exposes microscopic faults in the condoms that may not be visible to the human eye.

"All of this testing ensures that you can get the highest quality product, guaranteeing the highest level of trust in LifeStyles condoms," the narrator of the video says.

The condoms are then packaged and shipped out to stores, where anyone who wants to purchase condoms before a steamy night can find them. Contraceptives like these are one of the most trusted ways to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections

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