New USB drive may give you the release you need at work

Those looking for their own afternoon delight at work may have the chance thanks in part to a brand new vibrating device that blends in as a typical office supply. The Duet USB drive is waterproof and available in a ton of colors, which may cause people to overlook the fact that it's a vibrator.

That's right, now people will have the opportunity to store their data on the very same thing that gives them pleasure and release. According to Fox News, the company behind this multi-use invention, Crave, has actually already generated a lot of buzz.

With the help of fans from around the world, the design team was able to get the $46,000 necessary to create the world's first thumb drive vibrator.

"The initial drive behind making it a USB device was the ease of charging and ease of travel, but it became clear fairly early on that we could add storage to it," Crave's Michael Topolovac told the news provider. "A very common response was: 'Wow, this is cool, I can store my content on this!'"

According to the New York Daily News, the idea was thought up when Topolovac and his fellow designer Ti Chang were talking about the difficulties some women have with overcoming the vibrator taboo. While Topolovac's lady friends told him over dinner that they had never owned one, Chang used her own frustrations with animal-shaped vibrators as a reason to create a sleek new model.

"I don't understand all the rabbits, the dolphins … the materials are often cheap and the products poorly made," she told the news provider.

The Duet is expected to go on sale next month.

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