New titillating Wii game to inspire foreplay

For most couples, foreplay is an essential part of sex, but it can sometimes be difficult to come up with original ways to excite your partner before you get down to business. Fortunately, a new game for Nintendo's Wii aims to help young lovebirds titillate one another in creative, sexy ways.

The official trailer for the game, which is titled We Dare: Flirty Fun for All, depicts two couples playing the game together after a romantic dinner.

In the first sequence, one person is dangling the Wii remote while two people try to press buttons on it with their faces. On screen things seem innocent enough – two Wii characters are eating an apple in the same fashion.

The next scene shows one of the female guests putting the Wii control down the back of her skirt so it sticks out about halfway. She then climbs onto the lap of one of the male players, and he proceeds to lovingly spank the Wii controller.

In the final moments of the preview, the two male party-goers are doing a fun strip tease for their ladies – and then the screen fades to black. One can only assume that the next step involved condoms, lube and some intimate time in the bedroom.

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