New study from LifeStyles outlines what ladies want to try in bed

A recent survey from the makers of LifeStyles® may be useful for men looking to expand their activities in the bedroom. The questionnaire asked women about the sexual acts they would be most likely to try out during their next lovemaking session.

Roleplaying topped the to-do list for women. Whether they want to be a cop or a schoolgirl, 83 percent of women said they'd enjoy taking on a different persona in the bedroom.

Sex toys, such as the LifeStyles Vibrating Rings, also seem to be of interest to the ladies who responded to the survey. A total of 81 percent said they'd like to incorporate a sex toy into their normal sex routine.

According to the study, pornography isn't a boys-only club. Two-thirds of respondents said that they would be interested in watching porn with their significant other as a form of foreplay or during sex.

Other acts that were popular among the female respondents included having a threesome with another girl, watching their partner masturbate, having sex in a public place or trying out anal sex or stimulation on their partner. The least popular choice was having a threesome with another guy, though 45 percent of respondents still said they'd be interested in this three-way romp. 

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