New generation of polyisoprene condoms coming to stores near you

The manufacturer of LifeStyles® Condoms has consistently provided the public with new and unique products, and they show no sign of ending that trend. Following the success of the LifeStyles® SKYN® condom, which was the first polyisoprene condom on the market, the company has announced it will be releasing a new generation of condoms made from the same material.

The SKYN® condom was initially designed to give condom wearers maximum comfort and sensitivity, which we all know is essential when it comes to good sex. LifeStyles® is still the only brand to offer the product in a wide variety of styles and shapes in order to fit the needs of the diverse market. The name of the condom, SKYN®, is apt as it is commonly known as "the closest thing to wearing nothing."

The material used to make the condom, polyisoprene, is more flexible than traditional latex or polyurethane condoms, which means it is a better fit for the variety of men looking to buy condoms compared to many other contraceptives on the market. Different men have different wants and needs when it comes to protection, which is why guys should be sure to try a variety of condoms, including those made from this unique material.

"The introduction and reception of SKYN® to the marketplace has changed everything, and we have been thrilled with the overwhelming positive consumer feedback," said Carol Carrozza, Vice President of Ansell Healthcare Products LLC, makers of LifeStyles® Condoms. "Research has shown that users prefer the feel of SKYN® over latex as evidenced with a 97 percent satisfaction rate in consumer trials, and this is certainly reflected in the climbing sales for this premium product. Now, in response to consumer demand, we are proud to offer our discerning users a variety of new product offerings featuring this innovative, non-latex material."

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