New documentary exposes truth about asexuality

You may think you have a solid grasp on the spectrum of human sexuality, but if you're unfamiliar with asexuality, there's more to it than you might think. Those who identify as asexual are people who do not experience sexual attraction, according to the Asexual Visibility and Education Network (AVEN). Some asexual individuals choose to see other people romantically, but they leave out the sexual intimacy aspect.

David Jay founded AVEN in 2001 to give asexual individuals a way to connect with one another and discuss the challenges they face. He's also the main focus of a new documentary called (A)sexual, according to The Guardian. The movie centers around the struggles of going through adolescence as an asexual individual.

"Living in a world that holds the romantic and the sexual as the highest ideals possible is difficult," Bryony, a 20-year-old biology student, told documentary director Angela Tucker, the news source reports. "The most pervasive effect on my life at the moment, as a student, is how many conversations revolve around sex and the sexual attractiveness of certain people that I just don't really want to join in with."

Currently, experts estimate that 1 percent of the global population is asexual, and many believe those who feel no sexual attraction are able to be persuaded otherwise. However, the sexual orientation has been getting more attention since the start of AVEN. Jay explained to the news source that the first decade since his organization's founding was spent creating a public identity and raising awareness about asexuality through social media.

Not talking about sex or wanting to partake in the act is often seen as a negative social stigma. Jay and his organization, along with the documentary makers, are trying to make the world see there's nothing wrong with the sexual health of this demographic.

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