New book wonders what would happen without sex

A new book by author Meg Wolitzer, titled The Uncoupling, ponders a curious, and somewhat frightening scenario – what if all women stopped wanting to have sex? Wolitzer recently sat down with staff of to discuss the new book and how it relates to today's culture.

The author says that the inspiration for the story came from conversations with middle-aged women who talked about changes in their sexual appetites. She says she also wanted to approach the topic of sex in society in an interesting, unique way.

"What I really wanted was to look at female desire and female ambivalence toward men and their relationships," she said in the interview. She added that she enjoys the magical realism genre, which gave her book its fantastical twist.

Wolitzer told that the book's core was about the vulnerability and mastery of sex. She said she wanted to explore the different emotions and experiences attached to sex, particularly for women whose desires have changed over time.

Older women who are sexually active should be sure to practice safe sex. Though condoms are often thought of as a form of pregnancy prevention, they are also one of the best ways to prevent the spread of a sexually transmitted infection. 

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