New app provides sex ed on the sly

A group of students at Salford University have created an app for the iPhone or iPad that may be of assistance to shy guys. The program allows men who are too nervous to go to a sexual health clinic learn important information about sexually transmitted infections and condoms, according to the Manchester Evening News.

The app has been shortlisted for a top award, and is being utilized by sexual outreach workers to help educate the public. The program features several video clips that cover important sexual issues – and all of the clips can be viewed on a personal device in the privacy of the home.

"These clips are aimed at young guys and are fundamentally about trying to improve awareness of the need to maintain sexual health," professor Ben Light, who oversaw the project, told the news source. "These [sexual] advisers aren't able to give condoms without making sure that people know how to use them."

Fortunately, men who have seen the video will have a full understanding of how to use condoms properly, making it easier for them to receive contraceptives at a health clinic.

Condoms are one of the only ways to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, according to 

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