New app lets you declare “I Just Made Love”

After a fantastic session between the sheets, some people want nothing more than to shout about their conquests from a mountaintop. Now, you can do so digitally, as a new app for smartphones allows you to send out a message about your most recent sexual encounter.

Dubbed the "I Just Made Love" app, the program can use a GPS to tag where you got busy. Additionally, users can let people know what position they used, give a rating of one through five and even write comments about the experience.

At press time, the "love counter," which tracks how many individuals overall have been broadcasting their sex, was well about 207,500. On the app's website,, users can see a global map or a map of their own location, which has colored circles that indicate how many people have had sex in a particular location, as well as markers that show whether the encounter was heterosexual, between two men or between two women.

A search on the website found that there were 277 posts from Manhattan, 83 from Boston, 77 in Dallas and 157 from San Francisco. One lucky person in the City by the Bay left a comment that read, "It was awesome!! I love San Francisco."

While some individuals may be proud to share that they scored, it's also important to take pride in being safe. Those who are open to wearing condoms can show the world that they respect their partners and themselves.

According to, buying condoms doesn't have to be an embarrassing experience. Those who don't want to purchase condoms in public can buy condoms online. In fact, using the web to find protection offers you a variety of choices and styles to choose from.

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