Melts in your mouth, not in your pants

While pills like Viagra have been a godsend for many men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), popping a pill prior to a session in the sheets may not be the most romantic form of foreplay. However, a new pill launched yesterday in the U.K. may make the whole process much easier, according to The Daily Mail.

The pill, called Levitra orodispersible, fizzes and dissolves on the tongue, rather than being swallowed. Researchers hope this will offer men with ED a more discreet way to treat their condition, rather than gulping down water and a pill before sex. The pill also comes in "discreet packaging," which researchers hope will encourage men to buy the medication in stores, rather than ordering online from potentially shady sellers.

"I hope that the availability of the new formulation will encourage men who are having erection problems to discuss the condition with a healthcare professional," Dr. Geoff Hackett of the Good Hope Hospital told the news source.

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