Malaysian men try unsuccessfully to steal 750,000 condoms

Either they had a nefarious secondhand-prophylactic scheme in mind, or they wanted safe sex for life. Three men in Kuala Lumpur were recently busted for attempting to make off with nearly three-quarters of a million non-latex condoms, according to the Associated Press.

The would-be thieves worked for the condom manufacturer and, in what the police chief of the state of Herak called an "inside job," tried making off with 85,000 boxes of condoms while they were being transported between the factory and the seaport.

The 726,000 ultra-thin polyurethane condoms are worth an estimated $1.5 million.

If a couple tried to use one condom per day, every day, it would take them almost 2,000 years to use that whole stash – which was returned to its rightful owners, the news source noted.

This is not the first time someone has gotten it into their head to pursue profit, or safe sex, the unlawful way. A Hungarian man was recently arrested for trying to steal a condom machine, according to the UK Metro. Not its condom supply – the entire machine, plus condoms.

He told the police that he'd "met a hot girl at the bar and needed condoms for later." The 28-year-old didn't make it far. Bar owners noticed something was amiss and missing from the bathroom wall when they saw a man trying to leave with a large metal box poorly hidden under his jacket.

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