Make sure that your sex life doesn’t take a dive with the stock market

Ian Kerner, a sexuality counselor, recently wrote for that as the economy goes worse and Americans remain shaky about their job security or prospects, they may start cutting expenses. This can impact a couple's sex life almost right off the bat. There will be fewer romantic dinners and less of a chance that a husband and wife can hire a babysitter so they can have some alone time. 

Despite the fact that Americans everywhere are trying to tighten their budgets, Kerner says that the one expense people shouldn't skimp on is their relationship.

"Things like date nights may not seem like necessities, but like trickle-down economics, a strong relationship feeds into personal and professional success," he writes. He acknowledges that this could be a problem, especially because financial stress has been shown to wreak havoc on the male libido.

Kerner notes that some of his clients have reported first-time occurrences of premature or delayed ejaculation, as well as low desire. He believes that the economy is to blame for these woes. The problem is that these conditions can be hard to banish once they appear.

That's why he thinks that investing in the relationship is so important. Realize that there could be some tension in other areas, but if a couple is happy with one another, a tough situation will be easier to bear.

"Money is about emotions and family history, and just going through a credit card bill can lead to accusations, generalizations, outbursts, lies and ultimatums," he writes.

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