LifeStyles Condoms teams up with designer to make condom purses

It may seem like condoms are mainly a "guy thing," but thanks to an innovative designer and LifeStyles Condoms, now ladies can show how much they value safe sex. Fashion designer Maggie Kervick teamed up with the condom manufacturer to help raise awareness about sexually transmitted infections as well as offer a new sexy accessory to her fan base.

The bags, which are available at, are made out of wrappers from LifeStyles™ SKYN™ Condoms. The black and gold design of the wrappers looks fabulous on the handbags, which are accented with a matching gold color zipper and detailing. Looks like condoms aren't just to help keep people's naughty bits protected – now they'll protect the items you carry around day to day.

"Maggie's mission is to empower women to use condoms and teach women how to correctly use them by providing an informational pamphlet as well as free box of condoms as a gift with purchase," the website reads. "Her campaign is 'I'm Covered' and hopes to break down the stereotypes that if a guy has a condom he is considered prepared, but if a girl has a condom she is considered a 'Bad Girl.'"

The particular brand of condoms is noteworthy as well. SKYN™ condoms are made out of polyisoprene, which is a non-latex material that feels more natural than other options. These condoms, which are prefect for people with latex allergies, are clinically proven to enhance sensation.

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