LifeStyles Condoms making safe sex better through research

The makers of LifeStyles Condoms® are currently conducting a study that investigates the sexual satisfaction of sexually active young adults. Though more individuals will take part in the poll, so far, nearly 2,000 men and women have responded, and researchers have been able to quantify these results.

The respondents, all of whom were between the ages of 18 and 49, answered questions about fidelity, sexual positions, condom use, fantasies and the number of sexual partners they have been with, among other topics. The input from respondents will help the condom manufacturer enhance the sexual experiences of their customers.

"At LifeStyles, we are constantly searching for ways to make safe sex better," said vice president of Marketing for Lifestyles Carol Carrozza. "By listening to feedback and discovering the habits and desires of sexually active individuals, we are able to tailor product releases and innovations according to their needs and wants, giving our users the most advanced products possible to enhance their sex lives."

The surveys will continue each week, and anyone who falls within the age range is invited to participate by visiting the LifeStyles website. Topics that will be highlighted on the site as well as on the company's social media pages on Twitter and Facebook include "Her Top Fantasies," "His Favorite Positions" and "What She's Open to Trying."

There have already been a number of interesting factoids unveiled by these surveys. For instance, around 41 percent of males who took part in one survey found that the fit of the condom is essential, as a contraceptive that is too tight or too loose decreases sexual satisfaction. Not only that, but an ill-fitting condom can also be a roadblock for STD prevention.

There has been plenty of positive sexual news uncovered by the LifeStyles surveys. A whopping 90 percent of respondents said they were "satisfied with their sex lives."

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