LA voters support condom law

Yesterday, voters in Los Angeles went to the polls not just to cast a ballot for the president, but also to decide on an important issue involving sexual health. Measure B asked voters whether they would support a law that would require producers of pornography to mandate condom usage on all adult film sets, and the majority, 55.9 percent, gave their support, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The law will require adult film makers to get a public health license, much like tattoo parlors. Producers who fail to comply with the measure could face fines or even misdemeanor criminal charges, the news source reports.

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation helped get the law on the ballot in the hopes of protecting the health of adult film workers and the general public. “This is a major referendum on the subject of safer sex,” the foundation’s president, Michael Weinstein, told the news source. “We have shown our resolve that we are not going to give up on this issue. Now that the people have spoken so overwhelmingly, it is the responsibility for the Board of Supervisors and the county Health Department to act immediately to enforce this law.”

Weinstein and fellow supporters say that the measure helps protect workers in the adult film industry much like hard hat requirements protect construction workers. Now, advocates must work to make sure that the adult film industry complies with the law, and that companies that don’t face penalties.

Prior to the vote, supporters of the measure took to the streets with lots of creative campaigning, reports the Wall Street Journal. A big truck that read “Yes on B” could be spotted driving around the city, and there were other billboards that displayed the same message.

Measure B isn’t the only law in L.A. regarding condoms in porn. Earlier this year, the L.A. city council passed a law that requires condom usage in pornography. This measure, now passed, expands that law to the entire county.

Requiring condoms to be in pornography may not just help protect actors from STDs, it could also be a form of sexual education for the general public. People who watch pornography and see actors using condoms may be more inclined to do so themselves when getting intimate. This could in turn help lower the rates of STDs across the country, as many adult films are made in L.A.

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