Is Facebook to blame for the spike in STDs?

Facebook, the popular online social network, has been a way for young people to reach out to each other, share common interests and discuss the goings on of daily life. But some believe that the website may also be contributing to a sexual health issue – the rise of STDs among teens and young adults, according to

Sexual health professionals at The Seminole County Health Department in Seminole County, Florida, say that more and more teenagers are coming into clinics with sexually transmitted infections. They have launched a new program that will provide safer sex education to some of the area teens.

Staff members at the health department say that websites like Facebook make it easier than ever for teens and young adults to engage in anonymous sex. They believe that this has led, in part, to the recent 200 percent rise in syphilis cases compared to last year among people in the area between the ages of 14 and 24.

"They're using the social networks. They're not talking to their parents, and they're hooking up with people that they really don't know anything about," Preston Boyce, a disease intervention specialist at the Seminole County Health Department, told the news source. "They're contracting diseases, and then they go their separate ways. There wasn't a bond that was developed in the first place, so they're just meeting people, and that bond wasn't there so it's easy to walk away after the first time."

Using a condom every time you have sex is one of the best way to prevent the spread of STDs, including syphilis. Those who are seeking sexual health information should visit a medical professional.

Young adults who are considering condoms should be sure to pick out a size that is appropriate, and also consider using personal lubricant, according to

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