iPhone apps to heat up the bedroom

A new app for the iPhone has been released to help lovers in the bedroom who are looking for ways to get to know each other when they decide to get down and dirty. There's no beating around the bush for the game, either – it's titled 1000 Orgasms. 

The app includes an option to "Design A Session," where partners can get together and pick from a diverse array of sexual options, from G-rated kissing to some X-rated moves. It all starts by adding the desired experiences to a shopping cart and deciding how long each one will last. Once that limit is up, the program will alert lovers that it's time to begin something new.

Despite the title, 1000 Orgasms isn't all about sex, either. There are mood-setting options to add to the session as well, including massages. The app also acts as a database for more than 100 positions for the bedroom. Relationship tips act as more general advice for couples and "love coupons" can be great ways to romance each other via emails throughout the day.

This app may represent the most technologically sophisticated way to do the horizontal mambo, but it's certainly not the only method of spicing up a sex life. Many experts suggest that partners talk to each other about their preferences and see if there's some hot spot to have sex, whether it's outdoors, on the floor or on the beach.

There are a number of bedroom accessories that can help contribute to a love life as well. Lifestyle™ Pleasure Condoms are designed to make for the ultimate experience – men will benefit from the thin latex shape, while women will certainly appreciate the ribs and studs.

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