Equal Play

Six Women. One afternoon. Lots of talking. We opened the floor to hear what women have to say about condoms, sex and relationships.

Instead of being judged, over-sexualized and ignored when it comes to sex, women should be empowered to feel confident about it. Smart is Sexy champions confidence by challenging clichés, and now Equal Play is championing confidence by challenging perceptions. Because condoms—and sex—are for everyone.

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For the Love of Sex

“What the F*#%?”

You Talking To Me?

Talk About Pleasure


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For the Love of Sex

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 2122

“What the F*#%?”

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 1106

You Talking to Me?

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 442

Talk About Pleasure

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 359

Do Women Like Having Sex?

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 972

Checking in on the Checkout Counter

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 219

What Makes Sex…Sex?

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 2510

Learn to Love Lube

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 328

Dating App Real Talk

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 190

Defining Sexy

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 869

Check Your Condoms

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 239

Let’s Talk About Toys

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 268

A Cliterary Review

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 212

What Women Watch

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 260

Condoms For All

2017-12-11T12:55:06.000Z 212

All for the O

2017-12-11T12:55:05.000Z 132
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