Iceland’s Phallological Museum receives human penis donation

he Phallological Museum nestled in the small seaside down of Husavik, Iceland, recently received a rather curious donation – an actual human penis. The member was given to the museum by the late Pall Arason, a man who agreed to allow his genitalia to be on display, according to Fox News.

Arason's willy will join other mammalian phalluses, including samples from whales, seals and bears. Arason, who hails from Iceland, recently died at age 95, and pledged his penis to the museum approximately 15 years ago.

He isn't the first person to make such a curious donation, either. It seems that other man tools have been taken back prior to the death of the potential donor.

The museum opened in 1997, but has been unable to obtain a human penis until now. After Arason passed away, doctors carried out an operation at the local morgue to extract the member. Arason was apparently a friend of the owner of the museum, according to The Canadian Press.

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