Giant graffiti erection dropped from art competition

A giant graffiti rendering of a penis on a draw bridge in St. Petersburg, Russia, has been dropped from consideration for an art prize. The piece of penis art appeared erect whenever the drawbridge was raised, according to The Toronto Sun.

The Russian art group Voina, which means War, painted the tool on the bridge as a form of protest against what they saw as overly tight security in the city during an international meeting that took place there in June. The tip of the tool faced the headquarters of Russia's Federal Security Service.

Though the bridge boner was washed away by firefighters, photographs of the artwork remain. The piece, which was titled "A Penis in KGB Captivity," had been in the running for an innovation award by Russia's State Center of Contemporary Arts. It was removed from the shortlist because the art group did not allow the RSCC to have an image of the notable graffiti.

This is not the only time sex and art have crossed paths. The magazine Teen Source recently held a contest encouraging readers to create cover art for an issue of their magazine encouraging safe sex. 

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