Get Informed During Cervical Health Awareness Month

Women everywhere need to be educated on their sexual health, but there are still a number of instances when females fall victim to such diseases as the human papillomavirus (HPV) and do not receive treatment until it is too late. With January designated as Cervical Health Awareness month, a number of organizations and public figures are using their power to educate females on the importance of getting screened.

According to the Courier News, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez stressed the importance of getting screenings for cervical cancer, or getting the Gardasil® vaccine, which prevents against some of the strains of HPV.

Some groups have been opposed to the HPV vaccine for various reasons. Former Republican nominee Michele Bachmann made headlines last year when she suggested that getting the vaccine could make a girl mentally retarded. Other groups have suggested that if girls were to get the shot at a young age, then they are more likely to be promiscuous.

Not so, says the Chicago Sun-Times, as a new study suggests that girls who receive the vaccine did not become more sexually active than they would have if they had not received it. Researchers examined girls ages 13-21 and compared those who had the vaccine to those who did not.

Still, some people may be opposed to the vaccine but may look for other ways to prevent themselves from getting the disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), condoms may help reduce the risk of contracting HPV. However, women should be aware that there is a chance that the virus could spread in areas that a condom does not cover.

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