FOX News says sex is like team sports

Recently, FOX News did a piece on how sports and sex are a lot alike. The lessons learned from both pursuits are pretty similar – the news channel came up with things like take turns, watch your breathing, stretch, cooperate, practice hard, be gracious in victory and humble in defeat. However, it neglected to say "Wear protective gear."

Condoms are the cup, jock strap, helmet and pads of in-bed extracurriculars – you could do without them, but why would you want to?

Using a condom has a whole clutch of possible benefits. It can prevent pregnancy. It's a prime tool in the fight against STI transmission. And some people say that wearing a condom can make "it" last longer, which is rarely a bad thing. (Of course, there's no shot clock in bed, ahem.)

That's more than you can say for a cup or a jock strap. They don't make a game last even one second longer.

To honor the news channel's list, here are a few more sports lessons that apply to condoms, sex and sports.

Keep your eye on the ball. Choke up on the bat. No high-sticking. No unnecessary roughness. And, like a boxer, never forget the gloves.

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