For memory, it may be best to keep your mind in the gutter

A new book by author Joshua Foer tells the story of a man who had one of the most incredible memories of all time, and reveals that his technique involved sexual imagery, according to

Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything discusses the life of Ed Cooke, who at age 23 became the U.S. Memory Champion with less than a year of practice. He used strange (and often randy) images to help him memorize complex sequences, such as the order of a shuffled deck of cards.

Cooke argues that sexy imagery is more memorable. Because sex is often such a stimulating topic, pairing numbers, suits and colors with horny images helped keep his attention while memorizing.

However, it seems this method sometimes led him into uncomfortable situations. Salon quotes a portion of the book in which Cooke says, "The indecent acts my grandmother had to commit in the service of my remembering the eight of hearts are truly unspeakable."

Certainly, the memorization master's method was a strange form of sexual education. Those interested in learning more about Cooke's techniques can read the book in paperback, hardcover or electronically.

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