Doctors hope new drug will help treat premature ejaculation

As many as one in three men suffer from premature ejaculation, according to the Mayo Clinic. This disorder can cause stress, embarrassment and sexual frustration for these men and their partners. However, a new drug currently undergoing trials in Europe may change all that.

The medication is called Zertane, and comes in pill form. The drug is meant to be taken just before engaging in sex, not in daily doses. Initial results from a late-stage trial in Europe indicate that the drug may be a successful form of treatment for premature ejaculation, Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc., the drug's creator, told the news source.

The trials could potentially lead to approval of the drug in Europe, though Ampio has not stated whether or not it will attempt to market Zertane stateside.

"Completion of the Phase Three trials was particularly significant in that only about 15 percent of drugs that enter this phase have a successful outcome," said founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Ampio Dr. David Bar-Or. "Further, the analysis of the trial results exceeded our expectations. The data showed positive statistical significance in every category analyzed, with only very minor and minimal adverse events."

All sexually active adults, including those who are prone to premature ejaculation, should wear a condom every time they have sex in order to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections. Condoms are also one of the best ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Zertane wasn't the only sexual drug to make headlines this week. Scientists in Georgia came forward this week to say that they were considering looking into toxic spider venom as a potential cure for erectile dysfunction. However, bringing a drug containing the venom to the market anytime soon will require the researchers to overcome the many serious side effects associated with it, such as severe pain and loss of muscle control, according to WebMD. 

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