Dieting women may have food for thought

Women who are dieting frequently have mood swings that may cause them to be a bit irritable, but now a new study is suggesting that it may be because they have food on the brain more than anything else, including sex. According to the Daily Mail, diet company Atkins studied more than 1,290 females in the UK and asked them about their feelings toward dieting. The researchers found that more women put an emphasis on dieting than they do on their relationships.

The most common reason why women chose to go on a diet was to "attain the perfect beach body," according to the news provider. Some women can become so consumed in attaining that goal that they forget about the relationships that they're in. Approximately 54 percent of respondents said that during a diet, they thought more about food than they did sex.

Additionally, 10 percent of women in the study said that they would feel guiltier about cheating on their diet than being unfaithful to their partner.

However, the study's authors noted that this kind of mindset is not healthy and that a diet should not affect everyday life.

"The last thing anybody wants is for their diet to have any kind of negative impact on their life," Linda O'Bryne, Atkins chief nutritionist, told the news provider. "A sensible diet is designed to have the very opposite effect."

According to Bliss Tree, some analysts believe that if men were a part of the survey, they would have had much different answers than putting the shape of their body before the noise in their bedroom.

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