Dating website reveals the most flirtatious cities, an online dating website, recently released a list of the most flirtatious cities in the world, as well as a ranking of the most flirty U.S. cities. Topping the global list is Athens, Greece, while hot and sunny Miami seems to be the most romantically outgoing city stateside.

The website analyzed more than 12 million chats from its users to rank the cities. The online conversations came from more than 109 million online daters from approximately 180 countries. The researchers counted the number of chats/flirtations initiated by users each month.

Boston ranks second in the U.S., followed by San Francisco. Both cities are just barely behind Miami, which seems to be slightly more flirtatious.

"This is a proud day for Miami," said Lloyd Price, director of marketing at "The Dolphins might not have won the other NFL lately but Miami has now won the NFL (National Flirtation League) that really counts."

A 2007 study by Forbes outlining the most lustful cities found different results. That study analyzed the cities that bought the most condoms and other contraceptives, finding that residents of Denver, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Washington D.C. seemed to have the most safe sex.

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