Cook County survey demonstrates need for sexual education

It is important that young adults have all the information they need in order to use safe sex practices. Some students in today's school system may feel as though they do not have all of the information necessary to make good decisions.

A recent survey from the Cook County Department of Public Health asked more than 1,700 students in Cook County, Illinois, about sex and other behaviors. The researchers found that more high school males reported having sex by the time of the survey compared to females, with 39.5 percent of boys saying they've done so against 35.1 percent of girls. The high school students ranged from below 15 to 17 years old. The age group of 16 to 17 showed the highest instance of sexual activity, with 52.1 percent of male respondents and 47 percent of females saying they have had sex.

When asked if the sexually active students had done the deed before the age of 13, 8.4 percent of boys said yes, as did 3.4 percent of girls.

According to Campus Progress, health officials are suggesting that these answers further demonstrate the importance of teaching safe sex practices in school, as children are clearly engaging.

"As a public health department, we support the need for comprehensive sex education in our schools, and we know we do not have it," Amy Poore, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Health, told the news provider. "And teens are still engaging in these sexual behaviors."

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