Condoms to the rescue in New Zealand

While many volunteer groups have been working to provide aid for people in New Zealand following the recent earthquake, one group is taking a unique approach. The Get It On! organization is sending condoms and lube to the region in order to keep people protected in the bedroom during these stressful times, reports

The condoms are being distributed through gay social networks in Christchurch, as well as by volunteers with the NZ Aids Foundation. The outreach program is operating in suburbs affected by the quake, including Templeton, Cashmere, Lindwood, St. Albans, Riccarton, Mairehau and New Brighton.

Some may think that condoms and lubricants aren’t the most necessary items, but Hamish Milne, a Get It On! spokesperson, disagrees. He told the news source that tensions are high in the region, “and that includes sexual tension. We’re undoubtedly indulging in stress-relieving sex!”

According to the news organization, all of the gay establishments in New Zealand sustained damage during the quakes. Before the incident, these locales were the place where many people living in the area got their condoms and lube.

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