Quality Pledge

LifeStyles Brand Condoms undergo a battery of rigorous quality control tests at every point of our manufacturing process to ensure our condoms meet worldwide requirements.

To test for holes, for example, our condoms undergo a strenuous water test. It’s here we fill the condom until it holds 300 ml of water to see if holes are present. This ensures that our condoms provide effective barrier protection.

To determine condom strength, LifeStyles Brand Condoms undergo an Air Inflation Test as well. We inflate samples with air until they’re blown up to three feet high and one foot wide. More samples are tested for tensile strength and elongation.

But the tests don’t stop there! Our patented Automatic Electronic Testing process checks for possible microscopic holes in our condoms one more time before they are packaged, for an additional measure of quality assurance and condom effectiveness. All of this testing assures you the highest quality product, guaranteeing the type of reliability you can count on! LifeStyles Brand Condoms are manufactured to meet these standards throughout the world.

  • ASTM 3492
  • ISO 4074
  • EN 600

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