Condom use up among women who receive sex ed

New research from investigators in England has shown that sexual education among young women may encourage them to use condoms more often. In addition to practicing safe sex, women may also be less likely to sleep with multiple partners, reports Medical News Today.

"When people talk about preventing cervical cancer, they usually refer to screening programs or to HPV vaccination," Dr. Johnathan Shepherd told the news source. "Whilst these are very important strategies, the potential of primary prevention via sexual risk reduction behaviors is often overlooked."

Shepherd and his colleagues analyzed 23 trials, all of which aimed to reduce risky sexual behaviors among women aged 25 years and younger, a demographic particularly vulnerable to HPV. Many of these programs discussed safe sex and sexually transmitted infection prevention.

While a vaccine is available to prevent HPV, some individuals in the U.S. may not have access to the treatment. In this case, condoms can be one of the best ways to protect oneself from the illness as well as other STIs.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, sexual health is best maintained when couples use a condom every time they have sex. 

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