Clinic looks to educate on STD, pregnancy prevention

Teenagers typically have one thing on the brain – sex. But it's important that they're educated on the subject so they can make conscious decisions that will ensure that they're not putting their futures in jeopardy.

The Northwest Georgia Public Health Department is looking to educate teenagers on the means of birth control and sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention, according to the Rome News-Tribune. The center, which is located in Floyd County, was created as part of a country-wide welfare reform.

Angie Robinson, who works for the clinic, explained to the publication that although many girls that she sees are on the pill in order to prevent unwanted pregnancy, the majority of them do not realize that they also have to take precautions in protecting themselves against STDs.

The center also offers a class that provides students with knowledge about how to prevent teen pregnancy, whether through abstinence or the use of contraceptives.

"We have shown that the course changes risk behavior – it either delays sex, or the kids are more likely to use contraception," Robinson told the news provider. "Those are the only two things that will prevent it. You don’t have sex, or you use protection."

One way that teenagers can prevent both pregnancy and STDs is by using condoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a surprising number of men and women do not use condoms during intercourse. Approximately 71.4 percent of men answered they don't use condoms in comparison to 72.8 percent of women. Luckily, there is a higher percentage of condom usage in teenagers, which could show that more are paying attention to the risks. The CDC reports that 65 percent of teenagers were using condoms during intercourse.

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