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Feminists make better lovers.

I was born and bred a feminist. And by feminist, I mean fierce, feisty champion of equality – just like every woman in my family. I don’t burn bras. I don’t hate on men.
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Is Bigger Better?

Bigger is better. Always. Right?  Wider screens, longer waterslides, thicker steaks. But is there such a thing as too big when it comes to a guy’s man-parts? Abso-friggin-lutely. When many (if not most) women are staring down a porn star … Read more

Naughty in Nature

Ah, the allure of the great outdoors. There are no walls to contain your lust and animalistic needs can be embraced! That must be why more than half of men and women have enjoyed sex outside. I’m not the least … Read more

Why watch when you can play?

So 48% of American men want to watch their partner masturbate. For realsies, guys? I mean, I totally get watching porn. They’re highly-trained professionals performing on a screen. You can’t smell them, touch them or ask them how their day … Read more

Toys, porn and the produce aisle

Dr. Belisa gets down and dirty about getting down and dirty as she answers questions about finding a good man, staying healthy and the threat of sex toys. Q: Is there any way to prevent a back-to-sex yeast infection after … Read more

Our lips aren’t sealed

This may come as a surprise to you guys, but ladies love meeting their friends, pouring a few glasses of Cabernet and giving each other the low down on their relationships. In fact, they do it so often that I’m … Read more

That’s what she said. No really, it is.

So this week’s list is all about lips – how she feels about them, what comes out of them, and what goes in them. The main thing we learn this week is that it pays to speak up. The more … Read more

The Sex Dr. talks libidos, prudes and blunt veggies.

Dr. Belisa, clinical psychologist, and our Score Board sex and relationship expert answers your questions about frequency of sex, relationship health and low libido. Q: I found this article on putting food in your vagina to entice your partner. Something … Read more


Men can’t complain about a woman’s flair for the dramatic anymore! According to the LifeStyles® Condoms survey, 67% of sexually satisfied women like engaging in role-play and 58% enjoy watching porn. Combining these two can lead to some pretty sexy … Read more

Foreign objects – not just for grown men in tights

So Hot Chick Kym is into bringing cinematic drama into the bedroom. That’s cool, I guess, but I’d go a different direction. Maybe it’s the kid in me who loved watching pro wrestlers pull brass knuckles from their waistbands and … Read more

Twitter Q & A: Dr. Beliza chats up cheating

Score Board member and sex therapist, Dr. Belisa shared her expertise on the subject of cheating. Whether it’s spotting or confronting a cheating partner, or simply defining what cheating means to you, Dr. Belisa’s got the answers. Q: Is it … Read more

Speak Up and Play More

An overwhelming amount of people are open to talking dirty and bringing up their fantasies in bed. And why shouldn’t they be? If all it takes is a little bit of dirty communication to maximize pleasure, then it should be … Read more

Talk about fantasies – Freedom of Speech

They say that the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Well, I guess this also applies in the bedroom. This week, we learn that those people who are vocal about their sexual fantasies, are also more likely to be open to … Read more

A funny thing happened on the way to bed...

Is it the way you walk? Your mind-melting gaze? Is it your ability to make her friends like you? Nope. It’s your comedic skills. Brace yourself: according to the LifeStyles® Condoms Sexual Satisfaction Survey, when it comes to what females … Read more

Put your size aside.

Listen up, guys! Size is not an important issue to me. You can be big, small or just right. As long as you know how to use it, I’ll be happy! And according to LifeStyles’ survey results, a majority of … Read more

Average Joe takes on the three-way

You had questions about threesomes and The Average Joe may… or may not, have answered based on personal experience. Q: Joe, would you have a three-way with a guy and a girl, if the girl is superhot and it’s the … Read more

Twitter Q & A with the Doctor.

Chat questions answered by Score Board member Dr. Belisa Vranich, a clinical psychologist and author. Q: Why do guys prefer long hair on girls? In December I got a pixie cut, but the guys in my life miss my long … Read more

The More the Merrier.

I was surprised that women who’ve had threesomes are just as satisfied as men. It seems pretty obvious for guys – the threesome is basically the male American dream! But I always considered threesomes a sexual fantasy that ranked higher … Read more

It’s the effort, not the inches.

Before I get into this week’s post, I need to disclose some relevant info. I’m not ashamed to reveal that ‘Average Joe’ is not only my Score Board name; it’s also an apt name for my trouser monkey. I know, … Read more

Get the girl.

Remember toasting to making next year the “best year ever” way back at the end of December? Well, it’s March, so it’s time to start taking assertive steps to make that happen because the chances of just running into a … Read more

A little bit of space between.

I’m glad the most sexually healthy bunch seems to be the several times a week or month crowd! They seem to be as interested in their partners’ satisfaction as their own, which – I’ve found – is the real trick … Read more

If three’s a crowd then… umm… crowds are fun.

Ah, yes, threesomes. What better way to spice up your sex life than adding another person to the mix? Apparently I’m not the only one that thinks this way. According to this week’s list, 93% of everyone who has had … Read more

The Hot Chick chats about FWBs.

Score Board Hot Chick, Kym, uses her personal experience to share some relevant advice in the debate over which is better: committed relationships or friends with benefits. Q: Kym, what are your thoughts on dating older men? Yay or nay? … Read more

To the everyday heroes, I salute you.

I’m glad I fit into the largest group of people – those having sex several times a week. But to the 30% of men and 33% of women who get it on once a day or more, I raise my … Read more

That’s Not What Friends Are For

It’s pretty obvious based on these results that committed relationships win in the battle of “Friends with Benefits vs. Serious Relationships”. I definitely understand that. I can see how a FWB situation could have its rewards. Generally, you’re already familiar … Read more

Commitment or FWB? Seems like everyone’s having fun.

So this week we get a look at the differences between people who are in a serious relationship and people who are in the friends with benefits (or as I like to call them “FWBers”) bucket. The first thing we … Read more

Part-Time Lovers Aren’t Better Lovers

I’m not surprised to see that cheaters have had more partners.  If you’re in a relationship while juggling several people on the side, that number is sure to climb! Yet, it’s amusing that with all that “love” going around, there’s … Read more

Cheating may get you quantity. Quality is another story.

As a guy who’s been on both sides of the cheating coin, I was curious about this list. First, I must say that my one trip into Cheaterviille was a long time ago. And the whole thing felt pretty scummy, … Read more

Hot Chick Chat

Chat questions answered by resident Hot Chick Kym Q: Hey Kym! Do you think men place greater emphasis on looks than women do? A: Yes, I think it’s more likely that men care more about looks than women. Women tend … Read more

You asked, Joe answered.

Chat questions answered by Average Joe. Q:  If you could tell a girl one thing that she should never forget when it comes to sex, what would it be? A: Never forget – it takes two to tango. Making your … Read more

Tis better to give than receive

It’s no coincidence that unselfish couples are very sexually satisfied lovers. I’ve always believed that doing nice things for other people reaped more rewards, and I’m happy to hear that’s also true in the bedroom. Pleasing your partner makes you … Read more

Can’t get no satisfaction? Here are some thoughts…

Wishing you had a better sex life? Well, thanks to this week’s list of survey results, we know more about what people with the most satisfying sex lives are doing behind closed doors. For example, out of everyone who says … Read more

Let’s talk physical

This week’s list focused on the physical features that get us girls going. And the fact that softer features like hair and eyes came before the more masculine qualities really shows how sensitive and romantic women can be. We like … Read more

Average Joe chats it up.

Chat questions answered by Score Board member The Average Joe, our resident normal guy. Q: Joe, would it really kill guys to call when they say they will? Would something bad actually happen?! A:  No, it wouldn’t kill them. But, … Read more

Quality over Quantity

It makes perfect sense that those who have slept with fewer people are the most satisfied. Since their numbers are low, they’ve probably spent a lot more time being intimate with their partners. Consistently sleeping with the same person helps you … Read more


I declare this week’s list a resounding triumph for dudes of average build everywhere and, to be more specific… me. This victory comes is due partially to me doing just fine when it comes to the two physical features girls … Read more

Keep her attention, use a condom.

I’m glad people agree with me that condoms don’t make sex less sexy! Personally, I don’t find anything boring about sex and bringing a condom into the mix doesn’t change that. Not using a condom only stresses people out, and … Read more

I am not dissatisfied

I am proud to say that I fall smack dab in the middle of the group who’ve had between 11 and 14 partners (aww, yeah) – the same people this week’s list says are most likely to be dissatisfied sexually. … Read more

It's not all about the Big O...

I’m not surprised that having an orgasm wasn’t first on the list, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the last! For lots of us, sex is more about the experience than the end result. It’s certainly a special … Read more

Condoms can make sex better. Go figure.

A few of my friends think using condoms makes sex less enjoyable. Well, a few of my friends are stupid. The latest data released from LifeStyles helps confirm this (not that I really needed any other confirmation). According to these … Read more


I’m a bit surprised that 75% of women are open to being dominated in bed. That’s a big number! However, being dominated does have its benefits… Read more

Good news, guys!

Well, Kym may not be surprised that more women didn’t rank their own orgasms at the top of their lists, but I’m kinda dumbfounded by this surprising — but good — news. With all the static we hear about girls … Read more


Wow! This week’s list is telling us that 83% of chicks are open to role-playing. 83%! Sweet, I’m totally going after having my hot librarian fantasy fulfilled now. Read more