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The LifeStyles Condoms Change the Score Sex Survey asked the nation to let us into their sex lives. And they did. Now, we're giving you all their dirty little secrets.

Is using mistletoe to hit on someone #Naughty or #Nice?
True of False: Nothing is sexier than staring into your partner's eyes.
@onpacificavenue Fair point. DM us your info (name, address, date of birth) and we'll get a sample in the mail for you.
RT @MHGirlNextDoor: A look at who is having sex in the US (and when, and where):
According to a study almost 31% of guys have faked an orgasm. Have you? #SexFacts
@onpacificavenue You'll need to access from a desktop computer instead of a mobile device. Hope this helps!
RT @MensHealthMag: Proven ways to postpone your orgasm:
We’re giving away 10,000 free samples of our limited edition Snakeskin condoms. Request yours today:
Only a few weeks left to enter for a chance to win a trip to #Vegas! Sign up here:
Don't worry, Monday's almost over. Get ready to hit the sheets.
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