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The LifeStyles Condoms Change the Score Sex Survey asked the nation to let us into their sex lives. And they did. Now, we're giving you all their dirty little secrets.

How will you be celebrating #HumpDay tonight?
RT @WomensHealthMag: The weird sign that you're perfect for each other:
Remember to wrap it up! RT @Cosmopolitan: Real People Try More Cosmo Sex Positions
Is confidence the key to a mind-blowing orgasm? Sex tips from @Shape_Magazine
There’s a long history behind those good vibrations. Take a look at how one of the most popular sex toys came to be:
Brain's response to sexual images linked to number of sexual partners according to @UCLA study #Science
There are 100 million acts of sexual intercourse each day. Which means 65,000 couples are having sex at this moment around the world #BeSafe
Anal, Oral and Girl-on-Girl Action... Are Spiders and Dragonflies Having Better Sex Than You?
Bangor, Maine had the coldest Feb with an average temp of 6.2 degrees. Bangors, try our Excite gel for some warmth!
Our mission is simple: to change safe sex as you know it. Why? Because better condoms = better sex.
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