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The LifeStyles Condoms Change the Score Sex Survey asked the nation to let us into their sex lives. And they did. Now, we're giving you all their dirty little secrets.

36% of people under the age of 35 log onto Facebook and Twitter immediately after sex. Should tech be allowed under the covers? #SexFacts
Sex and the City talks about makeup, making out & making it in NYC. It can also teach you about #sex @Cosmopolitan
Turn off your phone and spend some technology-free time tonight. Instead, search each other #SexChallenge
According to our #SKYNSexSurvey 33% of people report having 10+ sexual partners. How do you shack up?
There's always time for a morning quickie. Set your alarm 20 minutes earlier tomorrow #SexChallenge
False! Only 1/3 of men and women reported feeling satisfied with their sex lives. Raise the bar tonight.
True or false? 2/3 of men and women are satisfied with their sex lives #SexFacts
From sex tips to intellectual arguments, @GQMagazine lists things men could learn from ladies. We couldn't agree more
Grocery Shopping? Pick up something for the bedroom #SexChallenge
RT @Cosmopolitan: You know it's Easter weekend when Peeps are trying out Cosmo sex positions:
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