Sexual Health Articles

Ladies: Getting your dorm life to fit in with your sex life

Living in a dorm gives you the opportunity to make friends and having a roommate can be a very fun experience. But sharing a bedroom with someone else, whether she’s your best friend or the two of you choose to … Read more

Can’t get a date? Try these tips

You dress your best, flirt like crazy, bat your eyes at passersby and even log on to dating websites, but no matter what you try, you can’t seem to land a second date. This can be frustrating, and sometimes, you … Read more

The college hookup: More talk, less action

On a college campus, it seems as though students are constantly talking about hooking up with one another. But a new study is suggesting that these hookups may be more about keeping the tongues wagging than actually doing the deed. … Read more

LA voters support condom law

Yesterday, voters in Los Angeles went to the polls not just to cast a ballot for the president, but also to decide on an important issue involving sexual health. Measure B asked voters whether they would support a law that … Read more

Don’t give up on sex as you get older, just change your routine

As we age, our bodies change, so it makes sense our sexuality is affected as well. A commonly held notion is that people are less inclined to engage in intimate activities as they grow older, but this is simply not … Read more

How to get the right kind of attention from the ladies at the bar

Have you ever gone to a bar with high hopes of finding someone to take home, only to wind up alone at the end of the night? Sometimes this can be chalked up to bad luck, but if it’s happening … Read more

Making her first time the best time

It’s finally time. You’ve been going out with her for a while, and you’re both ready to take the next step – into the bedroom. The lights are down low, you’re fumbling with buttons, and then she says it, “This … Read more

Close out that porn site and step away from your laptop

Have you heard of Rule 34? It may not be in any law books, but it’s a commonly cited belief on the Internet – “If it exists, there is porn of it. No exceptions.” Indeed, anyone who is over 18 … Read more