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Sexy games you can use to spice up your Valentine’s Day

You’ve booked a dinner reservation, picked up the perfect gift and and set aside a bottle of champagne. Does this mean you’re all ready for a fantastic Valentine’s Day? Not if you haven’t planned some bedroom adventures in your holiday … Read more

Fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Just because Valentine’s Day is aimed at lovers, doesn’t mean you have to skip the whole holiday if you’re currently unattached. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the festivities when you’re single, whether you want to spend the day … Read more

Adding some sensuality to a romantic Valentine’s date

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, with flowers and chocolates, heartfelt sentiments and grand gestures, but the sentimental stuff isn’t the only important part of this lovers’ holiday. There is also an element of lust that you should not forget … Read more

So you’ve decided to test your limits

Remember when you first started having sex, and everything seemed so fresh and exciting? Now that you’re a veteran in the sack, the act of knocking boots might have lost some of its original luster. Switching up partners every now … Read more

Getting your gal in the mood for romance

When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you can easily fall into a routine. Before you know it, you’re spending every night together plopped on the couch, watching TV and then going to bed. While it’s pleasant be … Read more

Study: Sex lowers your gross-out factor

Steamy, hot, raunchy, wild, intense – these are all words you’ll often hear used to describe a good session between the sheets. But there are some other words that can also be used to refer to sex – sticky, wet, … Read more

The three guys you’re likely to meet on campus

As you’re settling into your new dorm, getting to know your roommate and trying to remember your new class schedule, dating may not be in the front of your mind. But, as you get accustomed to college life, this will … Read more

Helpful ideas for meeting guys on campus

College classes are in full swing, and you’ve probably noticed plenty of cute guys around campus, in your classes and running up and down the halls of your dorm. While it’s easy to swoon over these collegiate cuties from afar, … Read more