Campaign launched to attract shy condom buyers

A new campaign in India was launched with one particular demographic in mind – sexually active people who are too shy to actively seek out condoms, which are crucial for sexual health. The initiative is also an effort to help curb unwanted pregnancies, which has been a problem for the nation, according to Kerala IT News. Supporters hope to spread the message through the campaign website and by using social networking websites. 

Officially, the campaign is titled "I am not shy." Monday was the official launch date, following about a year of preparation. The date coincided with World Population Day.

"World Population Day reaffirms the right of people to plan their families and future. It is an occasion to further scale up the activities aimed at helping the people to enjoy this right. We are launching the campaign, mainly targeting the marginalized and the young," explained organizer M Ayyappan, the news source reports.

Some research shows that one out of three Indians is still too shy to purchase condoms from any kind of shop, which is directly responsible for unprotected sex that can lead to STDs and pregnancy. To counter this trend, campaign workers will gather at places like subway stations to distribute free condoms, as well as brochures that help teach people more about the effort.

Not long ago, India launched a similar tactic with its door-to-door condom delivery service, which reaches around 200 million people in 17 different provinces, according to The Vancouver Sun.

Sometimes, it can be uncomfortable to purchase contraceptives, particularly when people have recently become sexually active or are trying to keep their personal life under wraps. In this case, Americans may want to consider other options at their disposal – deciding to buy condoms online can be an effective way to get contraceptives delivered to a doorstep, without risking privacy. 

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