California county launches STD prevention program

In response to a rise in the rate of sexually transmitted disease (STD) cases, officials in Sacramento County, California, have launched a new safe sex and awareness campaign. According to The Sacramento Bee, the goal is to encourage sexually active individuals to get tested.

California's Department of Public Health releases data that showed that Sacramento County had the second highest rate of gonorrhea in the state, and the fifth-highest rate of chlamydia and syphilis. Dr. Glennah Torchet told the news source that the recent spike in such diseases was "alarming."

A federal grant worth $30,000 will help the county organize a campaign to reach out to the community. Sacramento County received this funding because of the increase in STDs. The campaign will be targeted for college students.

"My speculation is that [the rates are] a combination of lack of education outreach and access to health care," Trochet told the news source. "That's part of what we're trying to do with this campaign."

Those who are seeking condom advice should consult with a physician or sex counselor. Wearing a condom every time you have sex is one of the best ways to prevent STDs.

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