Author takes on rumors surrounding overweight sex

When having sex, it's important that people are comfortable in their own bodies so they can stay focused at pleasuring themselves and their partner, rather than worrying about how they look during the deed. Recently, Hanne Blank wrote a book talking about the pluses to being plus size in the bedroom, taking time to discredit persistent rumors about overweight people and their prowess in the bedroom.

Blank talked to Salon about how many people have a misconception that larger people actually do not have a sex life because of their size. She goes on to say that it could not be further from the truth, pointing out that there are plenty of partners who outweigh the other simply because of their height and muscle, yet no one gives them a second thought.

"People are also obsessed in this sort of prurient yet horrified way by the idea that if you have sex with a fat person and the fat person gets on top of you that you'll be crushed to death," Blank tells the news provider. "I think this is kind of hysterical and betrays a certain lack of observation on the part of many people."

No matter the stigma, it seems as though many women are not letting their weight drag them down when it comes to having sex. In a recent survey from, heavier women were more likely to have sex on a first date in comparison to their skinnier counterparts, according to United Press International. This may play into the theory that as long as a woman is comfortable with her body, she'll enjoy sex no matter what her size.

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