Sex Positions

Missionary may get the job done. Doggy style may be your go-to move. But doing the same-old same-old gets, well, old. Try out some of these less conventional moves. You won’t be disappointed.

Women’s Magazines Put Kama Sutra to Shame

What sex positions do women like? Their magazine covers often scream about “101 Sex Positions to Try Tonight!” It’s hard to miss, so let’s take a peek under the covers.

Young woman sitting on a couch reading a magazine

According to a recent survey by LifeStyles Condoms, the number-one position women want is missionary, or face-to-face with her on bottom. More than a third of ladies said it’s their favorite.

Next up is doggy style, which fetched a full 30 percent of the vote. Close behind that was another crowd favorite – face-to-face with her on top.

Together, those three sex positions make 87 percent of women smile. However, there are others for the more adventurous.

If she’s on top and facing away from you, she’s in what is called “reverse cowboy” position, something 3 percent of women can’t get enough of. In a dead heat with that one is rear entry while lying side-by-side. Another 3 percent says that’s the position for her.

Tied at 2 percent each are: lying side-by-side facing one another, and standing. And with just 1 percent: sitting.

It may be strenuous, but as long as it involves a condom, three-quarters of American women agree that it’s “safe,” according to a Kaiser Family Foundation poll.

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