Sex Positions

Missionary may get the job done. Doggy style may be your go-to move. But doing the same-old same-old gets, well, old. Try out some of these less conventional moves. You won’t be disappointed.

What’s Your Sign… and Your Sex Position?

While the age-old pickup line “What’s your sign?” may be a cheesy way to spark someone’s interest at a bar, it seems that the answer to this question may reveal some insight into a person’s bedroom habits. According to, each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a sex position.

Right now we’re in the sign of the Pisces, a symbol well-suited to the kinkier side of sex. According to the news source, the best position for those born between February 19 and March 20 is The Animal, in which the woman lays on her back, legs folded at the knee. The man faces his back to his partner, using her thighs for extra leverage.

Feeling frisky, Leos? For these sex kittens, the news source suggests the Dip Dip Dip, which is performed with the man stretched between a sofa and a chair. The woman positions herself over him, and the rest should be self-explanatory to any confident Leo.
Virgos seem to be more conservative than the other symbols. The news source suggests Face-to-Face for members of this innocent sign. This may sound simple, but it’s sure to get wild if the chemistry is right.

A recent poll conducted by Lifestyles™ Condoms found that face-to-face with the woman on top was preferred by 36 percent of male respondents and 21 percent of female respondents. Sounds like those Virgos are on to something!

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