Dating and Relationships

Ahhh, dating. The land of the free and home of the brave. Whether you’re thinking of taking the proverbial next step or just trying to figure out who and what you like, you’ll find advice for singles, couples, and everyone in between.

What’s in a First Date?

Where you go and what you do on your first date can provide insight into what your partner expects later on down the line. Here are some common first dates, and what they could potentially mean.

Wanna get coffee?

Getting a cup of coffee together is a pretty standard first date. Typically, this is a safe move, which could mean a couple of things. Perhaps he wants to share a cup of coffee so the two of you can sit down and really get to know each other. This is a good thing – easy conversation is a cornerstone of a good relationship. However, if he suggests coffee for the second and third date, chances are he’s a bore.

Let’s hit up a movie.

A movie on a first date might seem romantic, but there could be issues at play. Pay close attention to what type of movie he selects. An action movie might mean he wants you to be his pal, not his partner. A romantic movie could be a good sign, especially since many guys would rather not sit through a romantic comedy in their free time.

Let’s grab a drink.

Much like a coffee date, heading to a bar for your first encounter could mean more than one thing. Maybe he likes you so much he feels nervous and needs a little liquid courage to get over his shyness. Or maybe he’s hoping you’ll both get liquored up and head back to his place. If this is the case, and you’re feeling in the mood as well, it might be a good idea to buy condoms online before the date so you’re well prepared.

I’ll cook a meal for you.

Yowza! Now here’s a steamy first date idea. Heading to a guy’s apartment on the first date is a clear indication that he’s ready for something big. However, be careful – he may invite you over under the pretense of showing off his cooking skills, but it’s possible he thinks that a good meal is the quickest way into a girl’s pants. Upon arrival at his domain, take a look around – is there a strategically placed bottle of personal lubricant sitting out? If so, you can bet that your gentleman caller has some ulterior motives in mind.

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