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These 4 Guys Should Not Be on Your ‘to Do’ List

Whether you are looking for long-term love or are just out to find a quick romp with a hot guy, you should proceed with caution. While the main concern of sleeping with new guys is protecting your sexual health, you also need to protect your heart and relationships. There are certain men who, no matter how hot, charming or seductive they may be, you should be sure to steer clear of no matter what. Here’s a look at the types of guys you don’t want to bring home:

Your Ex
Even if you are convinced that you just want something physical, getting between the sheets with a former lover can lead to a world of trouble. You might find that reconnecting physically reminds you of the emotional bond the two of you once shared, which could lead to heartache if he doesn’t feel the same way. Sure, there’s always a chance that you guys will get back together and everything will be great, but if your first split was rocky, you should definitely reconsider going down that road again.

Your Friend’s Ex
This type of guy should be an obvious red flag, whether he recently broke up with your friend or they’ve been apart for years. It’s basically bad manners to go after a friend’s former boyfriend. She might still have feelings for him or just be uncomfortable with the idea of you shacking up with the guy who used to give her foot massages. You’d also have to worry about your relationship with him being compared to hers, which could lead to arguments and animosity. Consider if it’s really worth the potential of ruining a friendship to get a little action. If she ended things on OK terms with this ex and encourages you to pursue him, you have a green light, but it’s a good idea to be sure she doesn’t have any residual feelings that could resurface and cause problems.

Your Boss
The moral ground of sleeping with a coworker may be a bit difficult to define, but the picture gets a lot clearer when you’re hoping to land in bed with your boss or an employee who answers to you. There are so many reasons why shacking up with a superior or a subordinate is not advisable, the least of which being that you could land in serious hot water if you’re violating company policies. You also have to consider what will happen if things don’t work out. Will you be able to continue working with someone who has seen you naked and knows what your favorite pleasure condoms are? What if you really want (and deserve) a promotion but you’re rejected because there’s bad blood with your boss? Worse still, your coworkers might gossip about you if you do get the position and assume it’s only because you were intimate with your supervisor.

Your Professor
If you’re in college and you happen to have a smokin’ hot professor who you would love to “study” with, you should definitely not try to make your co-ed fantasies come true. Teachers are typically encouraged to not date their students, and many universities have policies that strictly forbid such relationships. Bedding your teacher could land him in hot water and it might have negative consequences for you, from other students gossiping about you and your prof to the college taking action to put you on probation or even kick you off campus. Your best bet is to wait until after the semester ends. Once you know that you won’t be enrolling in any of Professor Hottie’s classes, the timing will be much better to ask him out.

There are so many other single men out there that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone to bring home who doesn’t fall into one of these categories. It can be difficult to resist the forbidden fruit, but you can always fantasize about them as often as you want to quell those cravings.

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