Condom Facts

Wearing a condom doesn’t mean you’re throwing excitement out the window. There are tons of styles, sizes, and stats that prove condoms allow you to get wrapped up in fun.

The Wrong Excuses for Not Using a Condom

With The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stating that condoms can significantly reduce the risk of common STDs and pregnancy, there’s really no excuse for not using protection when having sex, especially if the intercourse is casual.

Unfortunately, many Americans still try to give excuses for not using condoms. listed some of the most commonly voiced reasons that compel couples decide to go bare, even when there are risks.

First, the news source “learned there is still a huge embarrassment in purchasing condoms. There is this fear that the clerk will know you are going to be having S-E-X and that you’ll know the clerk!” It’s true that the cashier could be a neighbor, a teacher or a fellow student, but that’s no reason to not buy condoms at all. Nowadays, you can just buy them online without ever having to face anyone.The wrong excuses for not using a condom

The other issue that couples have is that they start having sex with condoms and eventually stop using them. This can be an irresponsible move if you don’t want kids. That kind of thinking also happens when people conclude that having sex without a condom just one time – or several – won’t do any harm. However, STDs can pass on contact the first time you have sex with an infected person.

Finally, there’s the issue of price, something else that should never become an obstacle to safer sex. As the website points out, condoms cost less than a dollar a piece and they will probably cost you a lot less than STD testing and treatment. And a lot less than a baby, too.

What about when you’re in the bedroom and about to get it on, but there’s a dispute over condom use? It can be an awkward subject to bring up, but the news provider suggests a few clever one-liners that should do the trick – from “No Glove, No Love” to “Wrap it up or pack it up.”

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