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The Secret of a Man’s Hand

There have always been common methods of sizing a man up – whether looking at feet size or hand size – but most studies have discredited these theories. However, research from South Korea has revealed that there may be a way to gauge penis length by looking at the length of fingers, instead.

The secret is that the ratio of two finger lengths are often indicative of exposure to sex hormones before birth, which means that the comparison may be used to discover penis size as well. Dr. Tae Beom Kim and colleagues evaluated 144 men over the age of 20 to find the results, looking at their index and ring fingers.

The secret of a man's handFirst, each subject’s flaccid organ was measured, before the participant underwent anesthesia. At this point, researchers measured the length of the stretched penis, which is thought to correlate with erect length. The team concluded that the lower the ratio of the lengths of the two fingers, the longer the penis.

The Mirror explains that the “digit ratio” used by the scientists can be found by dividing the length of the index finger by the ring finger. Denise McQuade, of Skidmore College, suggested to the publication that the study provided “circumstantial evidence prenatal testosterone is responsible for both penile length and digit formation.”

The findings reflect other, previous studies that found that women’s index and ring fingers are the same size, while men generally have shorter index fingers. The researchers also found that the left hand was less reliable as a measurement than the right hand, The Los Angeles Times reports.

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