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Let’s face it - we’re all on a quest to have better sex. But a lot of us don’t really know how to get there. Discover everything you need when it comes to finding that elusive spot, getting better at foreplay, and mixing it up with role-playing.

The Five Best Times to Get Busy

Good sex is enjoyable any time of day or night, but there are some moments in life that really make bedroom fun as fantastic as it gets. A lot of it comes down to personal choice, but we can think of a few times that call for getting down and dirty. Here are our top five best times to get busy:

  1. After a workout

Sweat, muscles and endorphins – if these qualities don’t conjure up naughty thoughts, then you’re not doing it right. After pumping iron or pounding pavement, allow yourself to ride the exercise high right into the bedroom. Of course, it’s always a good idea to shower beforehand, but once your cool down is over it’s time to heat things up again.

  1. On your birthday

During childhood, a good birthday might have meant balloons, cake and presents, but all that changes when you grow up. Adults want to have some dirty fun on their birthday to celebrate another year on earth, and another year of sex. If you have a special someone who is coming up on their birthday, a good gift might be pleasure condoms and a promise for some intimate fun after the festivities.the best five times to get busy

  1. In the middle of the night

We’ve all experienced the sexual dream, and while nocturnal naughtiness can be fun on its own, it pales in comparison to the real thing. Next time you wake up with a special craving, roll over and kiss your lover awake. Chances are once they realize what you’re up to, they’ll be ready for anything.

  1. On vacation

Who says that awesome sex is only reserved for the honeymoon? Traveling brings the excitement of exploring a new place – and a new bedroom. Whether you’re shacked up in a swanky hotel or roughing it in a tent, a roll in the hay while on vacation is likely to be extra wild.

  1. At the most unexpected time

The very best sex comes when you least expect it. You could be doing yard work or just arriving home from a day at the office, but those unexpected sessions always make an already hot situation much steamier. That’s why it’s always good to have personal lubricant and protection on hand – that way, you’ll never let a potential quickie slip by.

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