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Let’s face it - we’re all on a quest to have better sex. But a lot of us don’t really know how to get there. Discover everything you need when it comes to finding that elusive spot, getting better at foreplay, and mixing it up with role-playing.

The Art of Kissing

When people have sex on their mind, kissing generally moves quite a few places down on their list of concerns. However, it’s important to remember that a small, romantic peck can be the start of an intimate encounter – whether it takes place in five minutes or five hours.

A survey discovered that couples may not be putting in the right amount of effort when it comes to displaying their affection, according to The Guide. One in five British couples sometimes go for a week without smooching once. Not only that, the kiss is little more than a peck, generally lasting for five seconds or less.

the art of kissingStill, it’s important to remember that locking lips can be a key to good sex. Experts point out that there are nerve endings around the mouth that can lead to a much deeper arousal and passion, the news source reports.

Kissing coach William Kane, the author of The Art of Kissing, advises lovers to bring a partner’s hips closer as they start kissing, something he calls “closing the A-frame,” and suggests that it can fan the flames of desire even faster, according to The Guide.

There can be a whole world of difference in kisses depending on what you do with your hands, too. Instead of conducting a groping free-for-all, focus on your partner. The news source recommends cupping a woman’s face while smooching or hold her chin with one hand while stroking the small of her back.

When it does come time to get between the sheets, a little extra kissing during sex doesn’t hurt, either. Just don’t forget to protect your sexual health in the heat of the moment. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that using condoms can significantly reduce the risk of STDs and pregnancy.

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