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Study Suggests March Is a Busy Time for Teenage Conception

As the snow begins to melt and the flowers start to bloom, spring is certainly a time where teenage boys may start noticing the short skirts that girls are sporting. In fact, spring is the time for a number of events that may encourage sexual experimentation among teenagers. For example, such rites of passage like prom or spring break offer teenagers the opportunity to escape their chaperones and experiment a bit. Of course, for teenagers who do decide to have sex, using protection such as condoms is important in avoiding pregnancy.

Study suggests March is a busy time for teenage conceptionAccording to a study from Queen’s University, the overall likelihood of conceiving while a teenager during the month of March is far greater than the chances of doing so as an adult. While the study’s authors note that there could be biological reasons behind this phenomenon, they are also not ruling out other possibilities such as Spring Break.

As a result, the study’s co-author Mary Anne Jamieson, as associate professor at the Queen’s Departments of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Pediatrics, suggests that parents should be sure to prepare their children for the unexpected consequences of sex by educating them about condoms.

“If Spring Break is the reason behind this upswing in adolescent pregnancies then perhaps just before the vacation would be a good time for a proactive burst of family planning information and access, so teenagers head off for the holiday with contraception awareness and positive sexual health strategies fresh in their minds,” she writes.

Not only can condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies, but they could also lessen the chance of someone contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

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